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Reciprocity is the recognition of the validity of certificates or transcripts awarded by other educational entities for the completion of courses meeting the same standard as those provided within the Officer Development Academy (ODA)..


Students successfully completing all of the courses offered in the ODA will be awarded a certificate of completion from the KCFCTD. Achieving this certificate has been recognized by many fire departments within King County as a necessary prerequisite to becoming a company officer. Other departments enroll their officers in the ODA to provide them with the foundational components needed to become strong fire service leaders and to ensure that they meet the NFPA 1021 Standard. Therefore, the ODA Certificate of Completion demonstrates that the holder has made a significant commitment to increase their own value within their fire service organization.

In order to ensure that the ODA Certificate continues to be a meaningful document, the KCFCTD has developed the following policy regarding reciprocity :


  • Reciprocity will be considered for students who have successfully completed at least 50% of the courses offered by the KCFCTD Officer Development Academy.
  • A maximum of five (5) classes will be allowed to be applied toward reciprocal consideration to obtain the ODA certificate.
  • Courses that were completed more than 5 years ago will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Requests must be made in writing at the time of registration to the ODA.
  • The request must be made using the Reciprocity Request form provided by the KCFCTD.


  • Complete the Reciprocity Request form.
  • Attach copies of all pertinent certificates and transcripts.
  • Mail all of the documents to:

     KCFCTD, ODA Committee
     P.O. Box 4341
     Everett, WA 98204-0035

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