King County Fire Chiefs Training Division

ODA Registration

The Officer Development Academy consists of a variety of classes held during a year. The ODA can be completed in one year, or over multiple years. Students may register for the entire ODA, or for specific classes. Priority is given to students who are enrolled in the complete ODA, with open slots available for individual registration.

You MUST verify your email address with our system before you can register

Option 1     Register for the entire 2019 ODA, at a cost of $2900
Cancellation Policy

Option 2     Register for individual ODA classes from the list below    
IFSAC Fire Officer l & ll Test     $100    
Budget and Finance     $100    
Building Construction     $250     Class is closed
Community and Government     $100     Class is closed
Fire Investigation     $230     Class is closed
Fire Service Instructor 1/ March     $295     Class is closed
Incident Command Systems     $250     Class is closed
Incident Safety Officer     $250     Class is closed
Legal Issues     $150     Class is closed
Mass Casualty Incidents     $100    
Media & Public Education     $100    
NFA Health & Safety Officer     $150     Class is closed
NFA Leadership Series     $375     Class is closed
Strategy & Tactics for Initial Company Officers 5/13     $250     Class is closed
Strategy & Tactics for Initial Company Officers 5/15     $250     Class is closed
Technical Rescue Response for Company Officers     $100     Class is closed
Technical Writing     $100