Deputy Seth Grant – King County Sheriff’s Office and owner of Insight Instruction LLC. SEth is a decorated full-time Deputy Sheriff with the King County Sheriffs office. He has been with the sheriff’s office since 1999. He is a certified Field Training Officer and Police Training Officer, Seth also served four years as TAC Officer instructor at the Police Academy. In 2010 Seth took a position on the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Unit (ARFF) at the King County International Airport,staffed by full-time deputies of the Sheriff’s office. The ARFF unit provides both police and fire/rescue services for the airport. Seth is IFSAC certified as Firefighter l,ll, & HAZMAT Ops, and Nationally certified EMT. Seth has provided training all around Washington , across the country and even overseas. He is recognized as an expert in report writing, criminal law, and adult learning methods and problem-based learning. For several years, Seth has taken his ability to coach "on t

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